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Installation Art - Case Study 

We created our art installation "Learning Together, Growing Together" with the children from Braithwaite CofE School.

The first part of the process was a meeting with the School to decide on a concept and location for the installation.


In this case the basis of the idea was the School's motto: "Learning Together, Growing Together" and their chosen Christian values.



The School wanted to create a great first impression for visitors and potential new families, but also for the children to see everyday.

The space identified was an unusual shaped wall directly opposite the main doorway into the entrance hall.

Tree Alone .jpg


With this information we conceived the idea of a tree growing into the available wall space with the tree branches and roots representing the twelve Christian values.


Each child in the school would then produce an individual leaf to create the foliage of the tree, decorated in the style of the artist Gustav Klimt. 

Tree creation.jpg
Leaf close.jpg


Following the agreement of the design, timescale and cost. We prepare all the materials required and arranged session times with the school. In this case we were in the school for two full days. There are three classes and we carried out three sessions each day, one with each class.

Day 1: The children learnt about Gustav Klimt, each child created their own individual leaf, painting it in his style with their name displayed on it. 

Day 2: Each class helped decorate the tree and embellished their leaves with gold leaf.

Tree Fellowship Close 1500.jpg
Tree below 1500.jpg
Tree Forgiveness Close 1500.jpg


Installation of the tree took half a day including taking high quality photographs of the children in front of their artwork. 

Cost for this project:

The total cost for the installation was £750 including all materials, preparation, school time and photographs. This was for 60 pupils to produce. Please see below for costing of a smaller project.

Tree cheer 1500.jpg

Smaller and Larger Installations:

The type and size of installation your school requires as well as how many children are involved will all impact on the cost of the installation art. We are happy to discuss this with you and provide a more detailed quote.


To give further guidance our "School of Fish" outdoor installation pictured below was a shorter project and the cost was £450 with 30 children completing it.

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