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Showcasing Your School

Alongside the fun and benefits for pupils, Active Art also provides a great way to showcase your school.

Wooden installation art within your school or its grounds offer a great way to add colour, 

vibrancy and energy to your environment, for both pupils and visitors to enjoy.

Whether you want to create a unique and eye-catching feel to a play area or a striking focus to your entrance way or hall; our wooden art pieces really make a fantastic impact and first impression. These installations also give pupils a real sense of pride in, and ownership of, their school.

Alternatively, Active Art also works with schools to create Art from Above; enormous pieces of land art depicting a school theme, crest or motto. These are great fun to create and build on the importance of teamwork, communication and listening skills, working together to achieve a common goal. We will record the result of this non-permanent art using a drone, both in photographic form and film. 


These images are a wonderfully visual way to promote your school, be it on your website, social media or in newspapers.

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