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Why Active Art?

Active Art is a fun, energetic and inspirational way for children to engage in art.

Our sessions link directly to the provision of Art & Design and Physical Education within the School Curriculum as well as supporting pupils Health and Wellbeing.

Active Art is also a great way to Showcase your School, with fantastic pieces of artwork which can be displayed at school as well as photographs for promotion and social media.

We work with Schools to ensure our sessions complement the current subjects being covered. Cross Curricular Active Art gives children a different way off accessing and

being inspired through art.   


Please see more details below.... 

Our sessions are designed to combine art and physical activity with a fun and supportive learning environment.

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Art is well documented for its potential to heal, to reduce stress and anxiety, to express emotions and to encourage independence.


Active Art is a great way to add colour, vibrancy and energy to your school. With our installations or projects being a great way to promote your school to the community and beyond.

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We work together with schools to make our sessions relavent to current school themes and projects allowing children to access subjects through art.

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